Inmobiliaria La Finca


RealiZZa is a pioneering company offering a wide range of luxury homes for sale and rent, located in La Finca in Pozuelo, exclusively offering homes in this privileged residential area of Madrid.

RealiZZa is located in La Finca.

RealiZZa comprises a team with wide experience on the luxury property market, directly related to La Finca since its outset and until the present.

RealiZZa operates personally with each of its clients with a sole aim: to realise your dream and find a home tailored for you.

RealiZZa also offers its clients a comprehensive service in interiors and decoration, able to rehabilitate and decorate your new home thanks to our interiors and decor team specialised in homes in La Finca.

Our aim: To offer our clients something more than a chance to buy a home.

RealiZZa has its own company, Realizza Servicios which, with a highly qualified team, offers a comprehensive project, from the time when the home is bought and until it is occupied.

Once a client is in the home, consultancy and management are available for all sorts of needs and services, for example: to facilitate contact with a removals firm, garden maintenance, domestic service and any customised service (swimming pool maintenance, laundry, chauffeur service, hairstyling etc.) required by our clients and necessary to maintain their home, or complementary to maximise their well-being and quality of life.

Based on our wide understanding of the urbanisations making up this major urban project, we facilitate those requiring it a pleasurable entrance into this residential elite.